Disposable Bras Elastic Straps, Black, 100pcs/bag, 991793

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Specifically designed to provide perfect coverage and support for clients during various skin care and body treatments.

Made from premium virgin-grade non-woven fabric for softness and breathability. Front is not see-through, maintaining client privacy.

Elastic straps: Effortlessly slide over the arms and shoulders, providing a secure fit, easy movement, and full back access without compromising front coverage.

Versatile and suitable for various settings such as tanning, spas, salons, massage, clinics, tattoos, sauna rooms, hospitals, hotels, traveling, and daily use.

One Size Fits Most, providing versatility and ease of use for a wide range of clients.

100 individually wrapped bras. Ensures hygienic practices during spa treatments and tanning sessions.


Quantity per unit: 100

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