iSmile Tartar/Stain Remover Ultrasonic Solution, 3.8kgs(128oz/4 Litre), Made in USA, 996880

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Formulated for the removal of calcus, tartar, tobacco and other food stains from dentures, bridges, orthodontic appliances, etc. Also can be used for the removal of temporary and permanent cements. Directions: Pour this ready to use solution into a covered glass beaker and immerse in General Purpose Cleaner. The General Purpose Cleaner acts as the ultrasonic conductor between the beaker and the tank. Cover item in beaker with adequate amount of Tartar & Stain Remover and clean for 5-10 minutes. Items cleaned should be rinsed and neutralized in a solution of 1 easpoon bicarbonate of soda diluted to 1 cup of water. Caution: Do not use on aluminum. Do not use directly in ultrasonic tank. For Professional Use Only. Not For Internal Use. Keep Away From Children. Warning: Causes severe skin burne and eye damage. Harmful if swallowed. Wear protective gloves, protective clothing and eye protection.

Weight(Kg): 3.8

Quantity per Unit: 1




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