Premium Disposable Face Cradle Covers for Massage Table, 37cm x 28cm, 300pcs/bag, White, 991787

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Premium Disposable Face Cradle Covers for Massage Table(300 count) - 50GSM, Ultra Soft Fleece, Medical-Grade, Non-Sticking, Massage Chair and Massage Table Headrest Covers, Size: 37cm x 28cm, Color: White, 300pcs per bag.

Melt into Cloud-Nine Relaxation: Spoil your clients (and yourself!) with the silky-soft embrace of fleece disposable face cradle covers. No scratchy irritation, just pure comfort that elevates every massage experience

Super Soft & Gentle: Made from 50 GSM fleece, our face cradle covers are gentle on even the most sensitive skin. They won't cause any irritation or discomfort, ensuring your clients can fully relax and enjoy their massage

Universal Face Comfort: Our generous size and unique Y-shape massage face cradle cover design perfectly adapts to any face, providing seamless comfort for all your clients

Effortless Hygiene: Our massage table headrest covers ensure maximum cleanliness for each client, protecting your table and freeing you from endless laundry

Versatile Uses Beyond Massage: While perfect for massage tables and chairs, these massage face cradle covers are also ideal for salon facials, pedicures, waxing treatments, dental procedures, chiropractic adjustments, and more... ...

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Quantity per unit: 300

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