Level 2 Medical Mask Printing Skull, 50pcs/box, 992275

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It's cool idea. 990176 Skull Bibs 500pcs/box, 992178 Skull Surgeon Cap 50pcs/box, 990425 Skull Paper Cup 1000pcs/box, 992275 Skull Medical Mask 50pcs/box.

Complys with (AS)4381-2015 Level 2.

Fluid resistance = 120 mmHg

BFE ≥98% at 3 microns

PFE≥98% at 0.1 micron

Delta P, mm H2O/cm2 ≤ 6.0

Also meets ASTM Level 2 and EN14683 Rating-Type IIR Standard.

Printing fluid resistant outer layer. White fluid resistant inner layer. Extra-long aluminum nose piece. Not made with natural rubber latex.

Weight(Kg): 0.21

Quantity per Unit: 50

Category: TATTOO 

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